It’s a shame that a felt bottom to the mouse wasn’t included as part of the mouse, but the overall look and design makes up for this. This is because of the amount of clearance required for the cables at the bottom of the Palm PDA and holder. This is something which though not critical may affect the way we use the devices. So that is the controlled lab environment. There are three separate mounting systems supplied with the package:

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I would compare it to a souped up car the GTI version with fat tyres or tires if you are in the States and flared wheel arches. This is a preview of the Mapsonic software a full review will be published later.

It is not until you see the profile that the size difference becomes apparent.


With the two screen shots below I was in some pretty extreme locations for GPS reception. Below is a short summary of the review. My location appeared pretty accurately in the map in Mapopolis.

To fix this problem kirio battery needs to be completely drained and the unit left switched on for 48 hours after.

So I need to establish some rules about battery use and use of on-board functions.

Change Display

The left hand shot, from Fugawi UK, shows a gap in reception for gpps yards, this was taken at the bottom of a steep ravine with heavy Conifer tree coverage.


Review by Mike Barrett.

It is a sexy looking GPS receiver that performs well. The gpx reason would be to optimise the map data and the available space on your SD card.

GPS cradle upgrade to bluetooth | Hackaday

The mounting system is a modular design having a mounting plate on the end of the mount and a slide-in mounting receptacle on the back of the Palm PDA holder. This sort of performance is not achieved by well known gp handheld devices!!

This configuration is a little confusing as the checkboxes are not active until you connect to the Kirroi once connected you can check or clear these to enable or disable the function.

Log in or Sign up. Mapopolis handles Bluetooth GPS’s without a problem.

As with everything both of these cars are a bit awkward as they both have sharply angled windscreens. The TT did the searching, found the GPSmart, asked for security code for which I put in which I read somewhere is normal, but not stated in the Fortuna manualand got connected. There again it doesn’t have my local knowledge.

The Satellite Fix indicator is solid green when not fixed and flashing green when fixed. This will be fixed in the next release of firmware.

I used this mount on long and short journeys over a period of time and the mount stayed fixed to the windscreen in that time. There is sufficient volume output from the Palm Tungsten T2 to be heard even at some of the higher speeds, but it becomes marginal on motorways when a glance at the screen might be required. I am a bit concerned about the currency of the map data, and also about the contrast of the displayed maps.


By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. I have been using Mapopolis every day for about a year and a half and now want to hook up to a GPS.

What annoying problems are you talking about? So there have been no changes made to the hardware. I then got another receiver hps and found that that could not get a fix either. The post on the left has a green indicator that lights when the unit is on, and the post on the right holds a power switch.

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Kirrik x there is a lot more real estate than the PocketPC of x No, create an account now. One thing that I do like about the Palm Tungsten Display is the resolution.

A quick check of the TTFF times showed that my receiver and the Kirrio one returned similar timings, as you would expect. If I did not then the PDA would lock and a soft reset would be required.