To connect the remote control to the “power” switch of the Zalman case: If it could be made to work though, you’re welcome to a copy. And additionally, Zalman mounted an IR receiver with a bad frequency. I would still like to enhance it a little though, because I want to somehow get a big message on my VFD which shows clearly when a program is being recorded!! The IRTrans receiver doesn’t do this.

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Lesson Explore Menu Page.

Navigate to the extraction folder. What you find after [NAME] is irtfans remote model. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. You must delete all non WinLIRC commands after you pressed a key, otherwise you will get a strange behaviour with the remote control.


I just want to drive the display. I double checked and i definately do still get the red circle dispoay the sys tray when mce is recording.

It allows receiving, learning and sending of IR codes. But i will retray doday.


IR Trans – Multimedia

At the moment I’ve not had chance to try LDCsmartie To connect the remote control to displsy “power” switch of the Zalman case: May 24, at 9: I’m not interested in any of the IR capabilities anyway, because the microsoft receiver works fine. No, I haven’t fixed it.

You might have Microsoft MCE running on the same machine as well, altough i don’t understand the reason why. So i use an older version with “my” IRServer. May 15, at 3: Dan LMay 2, So, I wonder if that wasn’t the actual cause of your problems, or if you had old drivers? May irtarns, at 9: I have to dig out the mouse from down the back of the sofa just to wake the screen up. Posted May 18, Edit the block above to see how.

IRTrans with MCE

For me it was easier to leave it like this. May 15, at 1: Already have an account? Or does anyone know of alternative software which can drive the display without the server? I understood that MCE was supposed to do this, but it doesn’t work for me. Powered by Atlassian Confluence.


At the moment, my app writes directly to the display and won’t work with the irtrans server irtgans, but it should be possible to write via the mve. It allows receiving, learning and sending of IR codes. To send commands only lines of code are needed. Applications not mentioned here can mostly be controlled through Girder. Once you have opened the command window you will need to navigate to the IR Trans installation folder.

Goodmorning, i’m a new user of DVBWiever sorry for my english. Furthermore almost any number of clients can connect to the server and use the system at the same time. Feb 7, Messages: