The use of satellite dishes is possible as well, and different forms of connectivity using all of these different channels are being tested right now, with the goal of being much faster than ISDN service, ideally from kbps to 1. Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present. The relatively recent history of computer and communications technology should give some insight into the organizational changes that are likely in these industries in the near future, as the two industries move into closer cooperation. What we today see as “computing,” sitting in front of a computer, will continually shrink as a fraction of what is done utilizing processors. Only a few component vendors are selling complete systems as well Sony just started in and new peripherals, especially those based on new technologies such as the USB, promise to remain fairly distributed.

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Future technological developments will likely continue to push the communications and computer industries together, and it’s conceivable that it won’t be possible to make a distinct division between these industries in 20 years, as could be done 20 years ago.

The age of network computing has brought the two industries into close cooperation, or at least made it necessary that they closely cooperate. Introduction The Ages of Computing Communications: If the web becomes more like TV, will this era end, or will there be a place for both professionals and amateurs to assemble and share information such as we have now?

Created by the growth of the internet and the WWW, ISP’s are a u206 between communications and computing, and have their own distribution from world-wide providers with millions of subscribers, to small “mom and pop” providers with no more than dozens. Convergence is dependent on content, and while new broadband channels could simply offer existing content Ii206, movies, web access, data networking handling and marketing this content, if not adding value intek it is an important factor in successfully inel customers.

Will ecological catastrophes or political instability fueled by population pressure make predictions about the cutting edges of research and technology irrelevant?

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The “Ages” of Computing: Embedded microprocessors might have fewer opportunities to expand into new markets. Long-term convergence depends less on which industry sectors are part of the initial lntel of broadband networking, and more on creative and cultural issues. When will object-oriented software begin to dominate the software market?


While broadband is being envisioned as the next big step, it may be only when it happens only the first big makeover of the communications infrastructure, and the first round of alliances between companies from different communications sectors. Ethernet has made local area networks possible, making it possible to replace dumb terminals and to share the new and powerful intell environments created by PC’s.

Voice recognition software exists, though it is clearly in its infancy. Other interface possibilities are being discussed, tested and in a few cases implemented by different groups.

Standards and products for network use of digital cash and credit are being developed, which will enable widespread inrel of networks for commercial purposes.

It is unclear in what exact ways or in what order today’s different devices TV, computer and telephone would converge, but without the availability of content for any innovative converged device, it’s unlikely to succeed.

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One doesn’t have to travel far nor read widely in or to encounter the rhetoric inntel business and consumer channels surrounding the potentials of the internet, and of networking in general, and how these things are and will continue to transform work, society, business, leisure, communication and information storage and retrieval. The creation and sharing of information is being distributed by this process, in a way that has never occurred before.

How will the computer and communications industry organization need to change in the future to address new challenges? These systems were expensive, and were usually bought by other large businesses, and were installed and run by computer specialists. Or will Java remain just a programming language? Having many vendors innovating new components and technologies atop a shared technological base leads to a larger and more innovative market. Yet until the late ‘s, networking of any form was uncommon for PC’s and Macs, and when modems and ethernet were invented and widely utilized, this ushered in the next age of i2066.


The last 50 years have seen the widespread creation of a television “network,” first through broadcast and later through cable and satellite. The most important developments in networking, the provision of more bandwidth nationwide, is awaiting developments in the communications industry, aided by research into components and technologies by computer peripheral manufacturers.

But the significant movement seen in examining these two industries is their level of interaction with each other, initially technologically, but increasingly organizationally.

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This is a far different model than has been predicted in this field, with companies from two of the different communications sectors combining to provide broadband.

By not opening development of software for Apple computers widely enough, and by not consistently allowing a market for “Mac clones,” Apple has decreased the incentives for developers to create software and devices that would add value to their platform, and has seen their market share plummet for machines that are rightly touted as easier than PC’s to set up and use. This is probably television’s counterpart to the age of distributed computing. Additionally, most broadband proposals today would require significant upgrades to the existing phone cabling, if only to high-quality copper wire.

ISP’s are the access point for most consumers now, and generally the speed at which consumers can connect is limited by the hardware which the ISP’s have. The Age of Ubiquitous Computing Several current developments, ones which will define the end of the age of network computing, seem fairly clear.

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Internet Service Providers are an interesting and very new part of the communications industry, or possibly the computer industry, or both. Processor chips for PC’s are only produced by three or four?

Or will they refuse to join and go down fighting? It’s untel functionality that is being added to Windows 98, which indicates the growing importance of voice recognition interfaces.