You need special pedals for that, which is hard to setup and remove, and is an additional cost. Bring back the main forum list. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Since my youth I am a “flight simulation” enthousiast. Force feedback Hi all. Ships in Eve or Elite wouldn’t give any feedback from thrusters.

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A good joystick should have analogue slew hats, which allow to slew pointers to all directions, but also, to define the speed of the slew determined by the amount of slew you apply on the hat.

Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

One to fire guns, and one for other ammunition. Reunion and Terran Conflict, and I admittedly keep forgetting to play them. All, With this article I would hotxs to express a dissatisfaction regarding the todays available joysticks on the market. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is also why x65 gets away with rigidly fixed stick, it emulates feedback force just as good as a spring does, just without motion.

Maybe, just maybe VR is the technology that can make it relevant again. This got me to thinking about how awesome it would be to have force feedback, kind of like my logitech steering wheel.


Why aren’t there today any really good joysticks anymore? :: Hardware and Operating Systems

I’m planning on building a cockpit. How are the force sensing sticks? Bring back the main forum list. Not to mention the thumb nipple on the throttle is killer. Do note that force-sensing sticks will require a bit of time to adapt to just because the stick operates on feedbackk force, NOT physical deflection like pretty much every other stick on the market.


Some geospatial data on this website is provided feedbafk geonames. Click here for the subreddit wiki! I haven’t seen Frontier acknowledge this – but Elite Dangerous is a driver of hardware purchases. Mors View Profile View Posts.

Force Feedback sticks were patented by some company back in the early ‘s who went out of business but refuse to let go of the patent.

Hiten View Profile View Posts. Useful to have lights indicating if certain ffeedback are on or off or indicated using feednack colors I know someone that has 4 in a wardrobe.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I can feel the control surfaces stiffen, flutter and go limp. FF isn’t required for a throttle, what is needed for helicopters is to have a physical break leveler so throttle doesn’t move unless you squeeze leveler first. However, more expense joysticks like the Saitek X55 or the Thrustmaster Hotas lack this function.


Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick?

Responding to your question: CH Products are nice on the Rift as all the controllers within reach of your finger on both devices. Logitech used to be the top hardware manufacturer, when it comes to joysticks, but by far not anymore.

Physical movement along only one axis still brings a bit of fredback axis movement from the other as a result. Licensing issues I’d guess, someone holds the patent and hardware manufactures collectively decided it wasn’t worth the cost. Today, the best joystick manufacturer is Thrustmaster. I’m sure Elite does not, Can’t say for eve. Originally posted by Hiten:.

NamelessPlayer Thanks for the detailed reply. No other company can make force feedback sticks as a result.

If so, can you use a hotas AND an xb1 controller at the same time? I suggest sticking with it for a week or more before deciding whether you’d like it or not, along with adjusting the sensitivity curves to get a feel you’re comfortable with.