Dropouts, horizontal streaks, stray dots Clean the charger wire. Additional information, such as error information. A font is a set of characters of a particular design. See Page Protect Mode on page Low-priced paper is not economical in the long run if it causes printing problems. If you entered an access code for the printer driver, enter the four-digit access code and press the ENTER key. Indicates a problem with the controller and the operator panel.

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The current KIR setting is optimal. Note Remove the main circuit board completely from the printer as follows: The printer prints 10 Press the specified number of copies for the job.

Processing appears and formatting of the CompactFlash card or the Microdrive starts. Wavy or tight edges can cause misfeeding and kxx anomalies.

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Parallel If the option network interface card is installed in the printer, Option will be displayed. When this has happened, be sure to reset Page Protect to Auto default in order to maintain the optimum use of printer memory. This appendix explains the following option units: Centronics is a trade name of Centronics Data Computer Inc. In no ix will Agfa Japan fs–3820n liable for lost profits, lost data, or any other incidental or consequential damages, or any damages caused by abuse or misapplication of the Software and Typefaces.


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To increase the copy 10 You count, press the key; to decrease the key. Whiter paper provides a sharper, brighter appearance.

The printer prints received data. The message display changes to that show below. Confirm the VMB tray. The settings for other items can be changed in a similar manner. Clean the paper ramp using a soft, dry, lintfree cloth.

In this menu, you can also set the type and pitch for Courier and Letter Gothic. Note Chapter 4 Troubleshooting 4 This chapter explains how to handle printer problems that may occur. Setting a custom size from the Operator Panel Set the size of the paper loaded in the paper cassette into the printer from the printer operator panel. Transfer Roller [Black] See Note below. For details on the parallel interface for this printer, see Appendix B.

Do not move or lift the printer with the sorter installed. If you need to have access to the fonts on more than three printers, you need to acquire a multi-user license k which can be obtained from Agfa Japan. Recheck the requirements for using the system and the devices.


Or an unsupported option hardware has been installed. Cancelling data Jobs inside the printer are being canceled. The items that can be set are shown below. Further use, duplication or disclosure is subject to fs-3280n applicable to restricted rights software as set forth in FAR Length size of the data written.

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This is affected by the smoothness, size, and moisture content of the paper, and the way in which the paper is cut.

If this happens, press the GO key.

It should satisfy the conditions given in the table below. Busy [Busy] Pin 11 This signal is high when the printer is busy and low when it is able to accept more data. If you desire to explicitly delete a stored quick copy job, proceed as follows: