Comment 46 Marwan Tanager Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Comment 41 Lan Tianyu Yes, all drivers are installed. Note that this regression also affects people with machines other than Inspiron N I had to do this with my Fujitsu Seimens Lappy. Please provide the output of dmidecode.

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Comment 15 Marwan Tanager The command line name is indeed misleading and needs changed. Comment 5 Jonathan Nieder Download the graphics drivers from this site, and follow the steps to install them on your system. I’ve installed Windows 7.

Comment 28 Lan Tianyu Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If this is the case, you bbrightness try to turn off the screens ability to automatically adjust: Please try the attach patch which make your machine use vendor. I will attach the customized ACPI table.


windows 7 – I can’t control my Dell’s brightness – Super User

I’d like to add a quirk in the kernel for these machines default to using vendor driver. When I use fn to bright up my screen, I see on the desktop that screen brightness is in the highest level. To accommodate personal preference and changing environmental conditions surrounding your mobile computer, Dell integrates hot keys for increasing and reducing screen brightness.

Is this also related with NMI watchdog? Skip to main content. Otherwise, the issue might appear every once in a while with other machines, who knows? Hold the “Fn” key and press the up or down arrows to increase or reduce brightness on most Dell laptops.

Unfold Monitorsright-click the PnP monitor and Uninstall it. For example, have a look at: Here is what I’ve got: Post as a guest Name. Bright LCD displays under low-light conditions can strain the eyes.

These solutions might help you: Just use acpi driver to deal with SMI. Everything would be alright but I can’t brightnews my screen. This prove ACPI backlight control is ok.


Comment 16 Marwan Tanager Yes, all drivers are installed. Comment 22 Lan Tianyu You dont need to press fn key to adjust the brightness.

J.D. Hodges

Comment 23 Marwan Tanager Right-click the power icon in your Windows 7 system tray and select “Adjust Screen Brightness. Comment 17 Marwan Tanager I suggest it is blank screen. Comment 33 Marwan Tanager Sat Apr 27 The amount of delay between successive adjustments.