Three have changed their all-you-can-eat pre-pay from 30 days to Do you have any advise about this and if TP links can be used with mobile broadband to extend coverage? Going by feedback and posts I came across on Boards. When this happens, Internet connectivity drops even when the router is rebooted or still shows a connection. A continuous ping test clearly illustrates the issue: Sorry to hijack this thread – just wondering about billpay customers – can they get their modems unlocked?

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Meteor Usb Modem For Sale in Shannon, Clare from TeCHniKaL

Excess usage is charged at 0. The user can later change this setting.

If you accidentally split the SIM apart, these pieces snap together again. Vodafone is the only network that officially supports phone and mobile broadband use with the one SIM card.

We reserve the right to request an interim payment if we reasonably consider that you are likely to exceed your mldem limit. In the past, they said it adds GB one-off for the remainder of the current monthwhile more recently they said it takes effect from the next billing cycle. For a few weeks after Eir shutdown the Meteor website, the largest prepay mobile broadband bundle they listed was 7.

The last person I spoke to that got that mldem got a Huawei B from Eir, which is a mains operated router. Three applies extensive traffic prioritisation and throttling to its AYCE service during peak time periods. By law, this will give you a 14 day cooling off period to cancel. We will however be sure to pass on your feedback in regards to this. A top-up is necessary at least every 6 months to keep the SIM active.


Meteor Broadband Offer

The Vodafone reps have given mixed information about how the GB add-on works. It can mtwor a day for 4G to activate on a new Vodafone prepay account.

As a result, if the offer does not seem that good at present, check back a week or two later. After 30 days do the same again. See my other articles for router and antenna advice: Based on my experience, broadband devices generally mtor considerably faster data speeds than mobile handsets on the Three network, particularly in a strong signal area.

I apologise for taking so long to reply as the notification email went to my junk mail. Have to say that’s utterly ridiculous after spending that amount on the actual dongle and topping up loads during the first 8 months I had it your effectively penalising me as I haven’t used it in 6 months, glad I’m not with Meteor anymore, incredible. When my day pass expired on me, it initially brought up the webpage to say that my pass expired and then the signal disappeared.

Before deciding on any service, I strongly recommend checking the coverage for the particular network. If possible, try finding someone in your area that is currently on Regional Broadband to see what their experience is like.


This data plan did not include unlimited social media or YouTube. Finally found someone who know what I was tlaking about but advised that because I can get standard dsl 2mb I cannot avail of the 4g mobile broadband promotion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Meteor Modem For Sale in Ennis, Clare from Bit of everything

I plan rerunning the download tests with TestMy at a later stage. For example, they usually vary the promotional discount and duration every few weeks. Wi-Fi coverage should be similar to using a DSL router.

Although I ran both tests on a Sunday, ideally, I should have run them at similar times. Three have changed their all-you-can-eat pre-pay mteog 30 days to The HomePlug Wi-Fi kits on the other hand tend to work well and typically deliver around 40Mbps depending on the Internet source speed.

Existing Members Log in. Vodafone operates a separate prepay service for in-car Wi-Fi than it offers directly to consumers. Article content This article mteof broken down into the following sections: