Mine works only 10 min, and switch in save power mode. The message “Status Out Of Sync Hooked it up, PS2 boot screen was strange, but Linux setup screen was fine, works well. Can support x , will attempt higher but unreadable. Resolution x working only at 16bpp, Use autoadjust on monitor menu for recognizing X signal.

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Doesn’t have sync on green. Samsung was stupid and did not change the model name.

Display activates after disc inserted chime sounds. Make sure SoG is enabled or everything will be a fairly nasty shade of green. Shows test screen with mohitor images. A is another revision of the A90 monitor that is still known to the consumers as an A Samsung v ps2penguin Tested Working It has been working great from the first try! Amazingly mlnitor picture plus two video-sources – probably the best choise for PS2 and PC.

Linux for PlayStation 2 Community: Sync on Green Monitor DB

Boot up PS2 and then connected monitor. If only I could get the OS to switch from to Forgot the error message it displays May need to turn the power off and then back on in order to reset the sync, particularly when switching between DVI and analogue inputs. Seems km19wm flash the display up more often when the display changes.


Took almost 30 sec. Monitor does not wake up.

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There you can use fdisk the commandprompt. No need to turn off and on to reset SoG. Anyways it takes about two seconds to sync but it is HOT!!!

My older model is dated: This was branded a Micron monitor. Works perfectly think its a Sony rebrand. Sometime at boot it will show a double screen, just cycle the input and go back to VGA input and it work fine again. It’s great working all the time. Manufactured by Panasonic and made in Japan model. Works with PS2 Linux perfectly.

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After that it works great. These monitors are popular items at ‘bargain’ pc shops. Still doesn’t work but claims to support SOG.

Get “Status Out Of Sync CornerStone p arscalvin Tested Working Works perfectly, the engineer at CornerStone said he thinks all of their monitors support Sync on Green, but call just in case: Works great after konitor. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and says please check cables. It takes a while for it to react. I had the image blinking problem too – to fix this, turn on monitor, and turn off PS2 from switch in back of system, connect everything, and then power up the PS I can see some stuff, and naviagate enough to get to a point where it sync properly.