The issues with the F and any other Logitech controller are not limited to Windows 8. Install the device like you would for the first time. What can i do. I unistalled my Logitech driver and xbox driver, and installed it like he said, and it worked just fine without the xbox driver now!!! Some of them will work.

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What worked for me was: HOpe this helps someone Below was my original Topic before i fixed it I’m bumping this up again Install software and when it gets to the detecting devices insert the usb reciever and put the selection switch in front of controller to D instead of X on my setup the installer would not detect the remote when on Xclick next and it detects as a wirelwss rumblepad 2, click next and continue installation.

Normally, if the GamePad is showing error in device manager, we can identify it is the driver issue. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There are many possible workarounds to fix windos issue. So, there is no hope from Logitech. I believe that you could do it with a xBox wireless controller but you needed to buy a special PC-xBox receiver dongle.


Windows Tips: Logitech F with Windows

Should be done and working. And if your Logitech gaming mouse had the same problem after upgarde to windows 10, you can fixed it from here: The receiver is logitsch plugged in yes? Once complete, you should be good to go with a working F Gamepad…. But unfortunately, I could only use it tethered to the computer via the USB cable.

I have Windows 8. It does not appear to be installed the xbox controller driver in my PC. The F Wireless windoqs work fine with the Xbox Driver in 8.

In reply to SC Tom’s post on January 22, Problems solved – Install without using workaround in this windwos but much more involved. So try to download and update the driver will help solve this problem. Step 4 — For Windows 8: You are commenting using your WordPress. So, pull the receiver out of the USB cable. And then repeat Mad Larsen’s solution again. By default, Windows 8.

[Solution] How to get Logitech Wireless F710 Controller working with Xinput on Windows 7 64-bit

Downlaod and install the Xbox wireless controller for windows from the link in the above post. On Windows 8, the system will not load the default game controller automatically, so you need to set up it manually.


If you try to manually direct windows to locate ganepad from windows update, an error message “windows cannot find drivers for this device” appears. Wlreless up………………How to install the F in Ubuntu Once they were properly paired up on this old school computer I could take them back to my Window 8.

I think you have to press it on and off twice. Some of them will work. So i have installed it. I’m specifically speaking of Bioshock Infinate but i’m sure problems will arise in other games. This made me feel wibdows as i thought it was the drivers and Workaround drivers etc. Install the device like you would for the first time. In Mac OSX I did the press and hold logitech button while inserting the receiver trick for my windows 8 and it works like a charm!