Design Boxart, manual and product appeal. Even more surprising and bothersome is the fact that DLDI homebrew is not automatically patched more on that later under “Game Support” as advertised! Slightly inferior to the high-speed TF card, but it has been very good. If your cart ever has its system folder deleted or get corrupted, the G6DS Real has a very minimalist loader that can run games. Multi saver will let you create up to 4 save files that part of the interface is however touch only.

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The G6DS Real does not damage or get damaged because of this. Copy NDS game, you can own filing folders, support for multi-level file folder, the system will automatically identify all reall cassette. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit.


Both units have unique features and both are generally the same. The G6DS Real has no real writerr for itself as it is drag and drop.

Once witer start using the DS again they will turn back on. When you select a game the screen will fade out in a rather crude manner I might add and back in to what I’ve called “the options screen”. In both of those points however the G6 is slightly better, compatibility with official games is higher and it detects save size automatically very usefull with recently released games.

With the lack of homebrew support for the moment, this may turn some customers away. And yeah, i read trough that faq and some of the others, dang man, when they make something you should always see it through, i feel betrayed haha well it was good while it worked though.


As for adding additional cheats has reall be done in separate cheat files. Conclusion As always Reeal won’t say that one product is better then the other. If all the promised features are released in the next month, which is a very high possibility, this cart can easily be the greatest in the market.

Simon van de Berg – Nintendo DS Homebrew Webpage

Something I really dislike. A featureless, bare-bones loader that will simply boot. All of the accessories were very high quality; the f6ds cable is especially useful because of the bulky card reader. It allows you to set the save size manually. N9L this blog is easy blog. Setting up the cheat system is fairly simple as many cheat files already come pre-packed with the SuperCard firmware.

G6ds real card driver

Very sad I must say as I was really looking forward to this feature. You must log in or sign up to reply here. However, it was very high quality, and looked to be the right size.

As for selecting cheats it is quite easy. All of their products were high in price, and also some of the best carts ever, even today, they remain an excellent choice. And obviously, the makers of the G6DS Real is the G6 team, who are known to produce high quality products, and stand behind their products for a very long time.

I 8G card Mount flash disk boot display several seconds before entering the U disk, how is slower than just took it?


You can download the latest files from G6 Flash or from linfox. Earlier ds fire link Slot2 need to use a special USB cable to connect the card to transfer data, and then using a dedicated reader Fcard direct inhalation and read card data.

Upon my first glance, it looked very different from all the other carts with the clips on the side as well as the lack of separators in between the pins at the back. In the center there is a thick about a cm foam layer. If you want to see the full sized version of this picture and read the features, click here.

In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in Juneand even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts. The taskbar has 4 pull-down menus; Saver, Other, Option, Help.

DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

The reader works quite fast, but it scratches the G6DS Real a little bit when it is inserted and removed. I received the G6DS Real very suddenly, not wrirer informed it was shipped out. After the system boots up for a few seconds several options can be selected via a pull down menu which can be opened by touching your stylus on the top right corner of the touchscreen.