This is a newer version of the HP remote. If byte 4 is set to 03 the eHome driver will generate a “Raw Input” message and if byte 4 is 04 this will cause the button to send a keypress i. Philips have produced a family of remotes in this range designed for different sales regions each with different features. Please log in to reply. Please file a support inquiry with the exact name of your receiver, as well as with the USB vendor and product ID as displayed in “System Profiler” for this device.

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It is only slightly better for moving the mouse pointer around the screen. Here on Win10 Pro I have Range is limited and it requires a direct line of sight to the receiver. For as long as you’re running Remote Buddy, issues like this are covered by Remote Buddy and it’s driver and are therefore not visible to you. Ehoke you currently support the MCE remote bundled with many eHome receivers?

microsoft ehome receiver not working properly in win 10 – Hardware – Emby Community

It is auto-detected as a keyboard and mouse. There is no way round this without using some helper app like Eventghost, but the Info action could be mapped to one of the other buttons.

Browse down to org. Receivsr by braddles69, 19 December – To get it to work on Windows you need to configure it to simulate key-presses. You will receier to change any and all setting in here that are related to the USB make sure anything that is trying to manage or turn off power or geceiver power is turned off.


The left press causes the video to jump back 30 seconds. The simplest way to use an eHome remote with Kodi is to configure it to emulate a keyboard.

Drivers for eHome Infrared Transceiver? – Microsoft Community

This is a receivdr version of the HP remote. Thanks to the many people who put effort into discovering these numbers. On that and I assume the one pictured the button numbers for the replay button top-middle and the TV button top-right are 80 and 39 respectively. The button numbers obey no obvious logic.

Drivers for eHome Infrared Transceiver?

Windows will react as if a key had been pressed on the keyboard. I can wake the Mac from sleep with it, but once on, the red light just stays lit. This may be due to newer chipsets or firmware z97, ASRock. Hey guys, This is not so much an emby problem, just looking for any expert advice from the community.

There are some additional buttons not on the official MS remote. To give a specific example, suppose you want to configure the Play button to send the Media Center keyboard shortcut for “Play”, the 7 bytes would be:.


Here you can teceiver answers to frequently asked questions, discuss with other users, recover a lost license code or file a support request. Channel up button on the universal remote.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Please log in to reply. Rickdunn 31 Oct Much of this was taken from Archived Wiki note How-to: Remote Buddy currently only supports the models as listed under “Supported Hardware”. This is the reason why they stop working in EG.

This remote control is currently not supported. If you reciever EG as one of the first things to run you will be less likely to have this problem.

List of MCE remote controls

This Remote is fully comaptible with Microsofts eHome default Driver “Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver” no additional drivers required, it will be automatically detected and installed by Windows. It also simulates a mouse, although it’s recriver match for a proper mouse or trackpad.

So EG sees the devices get unplugged and then the computer goes into a low power state. It isn’t very configurable and certain buttons don’t work rceeiver they should: