Connor but you know how they overprice everything. This is a xenon flash tube from a disposable camera. Sometimes the switch activates a relay It works great and no parts get hot. So, overall, flybacks with built in rectifiers are still usable, but you should look for one that has either a removable rectifier sometimes the rectifier is inside a tube that sticks out from the flyback, other times it is encapsulated in epoxy next to it. Check if it is drawing current.

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The arc itself is rual, and has a temperature well into the tens of thousands of degrees. October 10, at My 1W resistor is turning brown! The corona extends up to 3cm into the air, and once struck the arc can be pulled up to little over 5cm. Once I had the driver setup I was able to push up to 30V at A into flybac driver with only moderate heating of the transistors.

The inductance in the primary windings avalanches through collector-emitter as the circuit is turned off and the voltage rises, generating a ton of waste heat. I have built your driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I cant get any spark.

2n3055 flyback driver

The liquid is very cold and the transistor will cool while it runs as long as you drip the liquid onto it. It requires little skills to set up the circuit, and only simple adjustments concerning the circuit is required. Unfortunately these are more difficult to find.

This is by far the best type of flyback to use in high performance circuits. Want to drive a flyback but don’t have time to get the components or lacking a duql 6 to 24V power supply? Because of this, the circuit is self-oscillating and settles at its optimal frequency depending on the loading.


This circuit generates significantly higher voltages than the flyback was originally designed to produce. The person who sold it to me said it was used in those old black and white valve TVs from the 70’s, supposedly a “Phillips” or “Philco” model Here you can see my Jacob’s Ladder setup. As you can see, it has a rather disk-shaped secondary: The only thing that I’m suspicious of are the windings on the flyback being flybakc loose, would using 14AWG wire which can’t form a very tight turn at the corners of the core cause nothing to work?

Other things to watch out for are the fact that ferrite is very brittle and won’t take any bumps without cracking or breaking and ruining the flyback. This circuit is only meant for low power continues run, as you have experienced, taking this up in power will also dissipate a lot of power in switching losses due to the very inefficient self-resonant driving of the MOSFET.

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Both air and xenon arcs are clearly visible. The only variable that I haven’t covered from previous experiments would be a extra metal poly 1uF cap that I had across duwl PSU output to filter any ripples.

It’s two stiff wires bent and stuck on a plastic box base. Notice that it only 3 components – two power resistors, one power transistor and requires you to wind two windings on a flyback transformer! The two coils had to be wired up antiparallel as a odd way of describing it.

Parallel 2n Driver / High Voltage / Forums –

Circuit 2 – Halogen Transformer Version Want to drive a flyback but don’t have time to get the components or lacking a suitable 6 to 24V power supply? Hence, the use of cascades to multiply output voltage, or capacitors for ionic experimentation is highly discouraged for beginners!


I have mine set up with the diode but without the capacitor and it works fine. Flybback capacitors look so large because they are V uF capacitors, but obviously something like 25V should work fine.

Flyback Driver Circuits

Unfortunately it turns out that some sort of protection in the power supplies is kicking in as they occasionally shut down, typically when the arc breaks.

Even small capacitors are capable of discharging tens or hundreds of amperes, and 2n305 easily cause heart fibrillation, specially in people with previous reported or not heart conditions.

If all else fails, check the temperature of your secondary.

Simply turn the unit on, and very carefully bring the high voltage output wire down to the pins on flybacck bottom of the flyback. In short, a flyback is a type of high voltage transformer duzl generates high voltage of several tens of thousands of voltages at a high frequency of several tens of kHz. The corona extends up to 5 mm into the air, and once struck the arc can be pulled up to little over 2 cm.

My power sources include a dying 9v battery, a Li ion, and a high current laptop charger 18v, 4.