I re-installed the canopus codec but now the file I changed the fourCC code still wont play. I have several gigs of AVI files I captured years ago sitting on a hard drive. Trevlac, I don’t think the philips chip can treat such noise that good: Non puoi aprire nuovi argomenti Non puoi rispondere negli argomenti Non puoi modificare i tuoi messaggi Non puoi cancellare i tuoi messaggi Non puoi inviare allegati. THis might be your chip:

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All these versions of drivers do got their roots on modified DC10 dcc30, cause the dc30 got’s the same chip You can select standard “upper field first” and DV-compatible “lower field first”.

I now have a Matrox X card installed. An all in one codec pack that has great user reviews. Can’t say I envy your situation at all. The setup-file create a DC30plus-program-group, where you can find all needed software for capture and additional patches. Anyhow, back to your original problem. You’d have to do the filter post for the BT.

It’s been a while since I’ve used my DC30 in Windows, but I believe at one time or another I had to use that utility for something If memory serves me correctly, it was something to dc300 with 30gig continous capture files not being correct with the official Win drivers. But anyhow its wxm to do the audio capturing in case of the dc30 via a good mainboard sound device cause the dc30 Soundchip got a bug on the right channel.



If you had to install the Canopus Codec to get the files to play, then something isn’t right. I’m just a newbie at this stuff.

I’ve never ben able to try it, nor find any other info on it, though I still hear about it. Avih, Now I did the test recommended by you.

I’m more confused than ever.


The build-in soundpart of miro DC 30x will not work for ddc30 and output, but the connectors on Y-cable or the Bluebox can be used. My guess is that the DVD picture will look better on the BT if there is high detail like credits in the picture, especially thru s-video. The setup-file create a DC30plus-program-group, where you can find all needed software for dx30 and additional patches.

By davexnet in forum Video Conversion.

Snap-Shots of the driver property-page and control-tool can you find here: If you want capture audio with miroVideoDC30x, use driver 1. If you are interested, I will send you my adress.

I just switched the Connection from one card to the other. You can test the filter by looking at a resolution test pattern. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Google [Bot] e 0 ospiti. Now I got a BTa a video only card model for cheap money just to do qdm tests using Vdubs capture engine and also do do tests using software Mpeg2 capturing via WinDVR.


Problem with BT output in compar. with DC30 [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

The video in question is on VHS shot 19years ago. But that’s just a guess. If you need some references where you can see that you can trust me and drivers are working, ask me please.

It could be converting it to an uncompressed format. Now that you mention it, that does seems odd. Originally posted by avih [B]this seems like signal interferences, and not aquisition wdmm. Cause no matter what channel or what kind of broadcasted quality – the a always end up with this horizontal errors and also more noise in general.

How to record anything on your screen using th