IO request queue sorting by LBA is implemented. See the same place. Posted May 18, edited. Still, crackers are likely to study the code in search for programming mistakes. Seems, LBA48 already works fine now. The source that leaked is part of what MainSoft got under that rather exclusive WISE license, andwhat it got is the hottest part of Windows.

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Or sign in with one blackwingxat these services Sign in with Facebook. Driver – Graphics Version: Usually interrupt processing is defered whed we have to wait for device ready.

blackwingcat’s Content – Page 6 – MSFN

EmmaRoyd Show info Posts:. Access to Windows source code can be had legally from Microsoft. Sign up for a new account in our community. Or sign in with one of these services. The issue is that this particular sourcecode, which Microsoft has always presented and is still protecting as a trade secret, has leakedoutside its blackwungcat program.

The simple truth is that the leaked source isn’t any percentage of the current code base at all, it isthree and a half year old code that’s a percentage of the official code base for Windows Service Pack 1. Read about GeomType for details.


One practical thing Microsoft can do is identify what current source corresponds to the leakedsource and give it a higher priority in its ongoing Secure Computing initiative. Posted August 29, I’ve created independent command queues for Master and Slave devices. INF-file reconstruction is added to distribution. But some compatibility matrices for some versions you can find here Version Release Version 0. It’s where if you double click on it, it’ll bring up Internet Security properties.

Keep in mind that virus writers have been quite successful so far without access to the sourcecode. After that UniATA was successfully added during text-mode w2k setup phase. Now go to your “C: Microsoft will of course continue to provide updates and fixes for current Windows versions, andwill continue development of Windows Longhorn, the next version of Windows.


Also, there are some updates in INF fiels. I looked into latest FBSD ata drivers and saw no changes for this controller. Hi, i have intrigated your matrix storage package into my 2k disc with nlite but when i booted into setup it still giving missing sata bSod.


Added device reset option -r to atactl.

Even if later UniATA decided that this device is not supported. By the way, to solve this problem one significant improvment is planned.

Windows のソースコードが流出した事件を振り返る – Windows Blog

Which Windows do you mean? Let me tell you: Greate thanks to Mike for testing my buggy versions and supplying hlackwingcat with pretty bug-reports Kb.

Win2K any hardware issues yet? For example – ESS Can you have a look on this?

Microsoft Windows 2000/NT 5.0 [Build 2195] (February 2000 – July 2010)

I got a macbook pro and tried to install windows exkernel just for fun. The first controller list was:. Seems, LBA48 already works fine now.

Fernando Show info Posts:. On Monday, June 26, at 5: