Connect the AC power adaptor to the recorder and the dedicated USB cable from the recorder to the computer. Bad part is that I took it apart several days ago because it experienced a UTOC error that would not reset itself by removing the battery. Record the serial number in the space papers, table cloths, curtains, etc. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. If you cannot solve the problem after you made checks, consult your nearest Aiwa dealer.

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Refer to the operating instructions of your computer for details on logging on as an administrator. Through these steps, you will prepare and set up your computer for use of your recorder as a Net MD.

Post 10 of Page 43 – Installing SonicStage Ver. Do as instructed by the message and restart the computer. Sep 15, at 2: Recording audio data to your computer You can record audio data to your computer from sources such as audio CDs and the Internet page However, the software has a host of other functions that allow you to carry out various operations, such as importing audio files from the Internet, classifying and managing audio files, and playing in various play modes.

Qm Sources Power sources You can power the recorder not only with Using house current alkaline dry battery but also with house current.



Providing the required system environment System requirements The following hardware and software hx9 required in order to use the SonicStage software for the Net MD.

Adjusting the sound quality Adjusting treble or bass Digital Sound Preset You can change the preset sound quality.

Sep 15, at 5: Of course, this might be an effect of the EU cap as its comparing 2 mw against 5mw. If it is, the Net MD may not be recognized by your computer.

Aiwa AM-NX9 Vs Sony MZ-N710 Side

Storing audio data to your computer This section explains how to record and store audio data from an audio CD to the hard disk drive of your computer. To record only specific tracks from a CD, or from other sound sources, see the online help for details page All data are converted and transferred in normal stereo mode. Some of the best looking devices I’ve used have build quality problems such as weak nz9, ribbon cables that wear out, buttons that stop working, etc.

Think cheap walkman plasticky build IF possible, it would be much better if you get a worldwide version or better yet, a different model minidisc unit as this unit is pc upload only.

So, I’d have to say that they arent the same unit. Again, just a guess.


Aiwa AM-NX9 review – Engadget

I don’t need a long, detailed review. Post 15 of To protect the copyrights of its holders from unauthorized distribution, some audio content is distributed with certain restrictions on recording and playback. Basic Operations Basic Operations Basic operational flow using the Net MD The following is the basic steps that you ns9 take following the purchase of your recorder.

Guess you didn’t read what I wrote earlier. People who bought this also bought.

Aiwa AM-NX9 Personal MiniDisc Player

Troubles and solutions Aj you find any troubles operating the recorder, follow the steps below. Sep 15, at 3: Insert an alkaline dry battery.

Aj delighted with it and give it a big thumbs up. The only bad point is that their is no remote for it. The SonicStage software may not correctly load or operate if the dedicated USB cable is connected to your computer during the installation.

Any idea about MZ-N sound quality?

OpenMG Jukebox encrypts audio files in OpenMG format and stores them on the hard disk of your computer to prevent unauthorized distribution. When recording data in Nz9 mode: Panasonic Personal MiniDisc Players.