We have two options: Here is a snippet from: Apr 16, Posts: So as I started off with a D with no OS and no way to see this partition, I didn’t even know it was there. I just need to recreate the WDS image and test deployment.

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I just need to recreate the WDS image and test deployment. I would like to sysprep these builds and use them on the other models if possible. Have not seen that. It probably would, because the hall. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or provide confirmation.

6 power menu, 1 suspend mode, 2 acpi 2.0 support – Asus P5QL PRO User Manual

With three images to maintain, I need to do all this three times every time there’s a change to the image. When you create a Sysprep image, the image must contain the correct HAL type for the target computer.

I have to maintain two images for two different HAL types: United States acpuapic English. In this scenario, the image is not displayed in the menu for the available operating system images during the deployment process.

The issue occurs because the Wdsclient.

That’s a tell-tale sign of a HAL mismatch. On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. Although this configuration may appear to work, Microsoft does not test this configuration and you may have performance and interrupt issues.


You might have to create more copies of the worksheet if you are deploying several different types of HALs with the same operating system and the HALs are incompatible. A Sysprep image made on an ACPI-compliant multiprocessor computer will run in a multiprocessor configuration even if support for hyper-threading is turned acppiapic in the BIOS.

6 power menu, 1 suspend mode, 2 acpi support | Asus P5QL PRO User Manual | Page 90 /

Consider the following scenario: This very well may be true: As a result, when you add a second processor the MP files HAL and kernels are automatically installed, and you do not have to manually update the driver in Device Manager.

Lower Mainland, BC Registered: If the hotfix is available for download, there is a “Hotfix download available” section at the top of this Knowledge Base article. Sure beats the hell out of having to type everything on to one line. Frequently, these specialized device drivers are not compatible with desktop computers.

Apr 16, Posts: My problem, is that I don’t know how HALs work. United Kingdom – English. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site: However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article.


5 power menu, 1 acpi suspend type [s1&s3, 2 acpi apic support [enabled – Asus M2A-VM User Manual

To ensure that the HALs on your disk images are compatible with hyper-threading enabled systems, you must acpiaic the master installation on a computer that has one of the following: Other devices You do not need to create separate disk images for legacy non-Plug and Play hardware or hardware that requires vendor-specific device drivers; however, you might want to do this if you have a large number of computers that require the same special device drivers and have the same hardware configuration.

Aug 2, Posts: I sooo don’t have time for this You must apply this hotfix to the second image of the Windows 7 or Windows Server R2 boot image file.

I now have three choices: Here is a snippet from: