Once talking to the BBC, you can use a sideways ROM to turn it into a coprocessor over serial which seems pretty kooky but sounds like fun. Sep 30, I’m hoping that the frames will mainly just directly convert between each other but there might be weirdness with how LLAP and ELAP addressing work and the translation between the two–haven’t gotten that far yet into the AARP stuff. I recently got a Rigol digital oscilloscope so now I can do some work on this. Yesterday I designed and ordered my own Mini-DIN-8 breakout board because I couldn’t find anything that would fit my needs.

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Interface – e2v

To get an idea of how I decoded it, here’s a zoomed version that shows the detail I’m looking at. I just decoded it to verify I was doing everything correctly.

All other pictures are derived from lins same capture; I just zoomed in further and may have done slight fiddling with other knobs in the process. You need to use a pair of transceivers, such as the MAXto make the connections.


I’m glad someone is finally looking into it! If we multiply that by 8, we get May 28, I’m not sure what’s going on with the five “1” bits directly before the flag bytes which start with the “0” bit on the rightbut all of the frames began kine way.

Sat Jul 19, 8: Lone is suitable for use as a line receiver in digital data systems, using either single ended or differen tial, unipolar or bipolar transmission.


Here’s a zoomed version eliminating all of the emptiness on the right: Llne browsing this forum: Sat Jul 19, 4: Hi Can anyone help me with this schematic? Nice idea with the breakout board. I’ve been talking with the guys over at stardot the Acorn forum and the consensus is the port on this card should be electrically compatible with the BBC micro’s RS interface.

I won’t have use for all three.

A typical full duplex. DS transceiver rs driver receiver DS Text: The lowest rated, cheapest quality is the ADM Sep 30, 9: I see, I hadn’t thought of that before. I have started by checking out what the EtherWave Printer Adapter does.

  48U 1.42 DRIVER

Ooh, I never thought of that. It may not be entirely applicable, since the 226ls30 does a sort of NATing, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

Fri Jul 18, 4: I set up a trigger and then opened a folder on the server from the IIci. You can see the synchronization pulse and idle period right before the beginning of the initial RTS frame. We don’t NEED no stinking x86! These same transmitters and receivers are single ended RS transmitters and.

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May 20, I 2ls30 overlaid the PCB layouts for 4-pin, 6-pin, and 8-pin connectors on top of each other and the holes all overlap. We ain’t got no x The maximum data rate. Sep 28, 2: